Official Partners

Visit Natural Resort in Thailand is an official global Partner of a number of international health & fitness organizations including:

Conquer The Wall Marathon ~ Beijing, China


Under the brand name of our fitness division, Lamai Fitness, we are the official training partner of China's "Conquer The Wall" Marathon - considered as perhaps the most challenging marathon in the world. If you've never been to The Great Wall of China or are ready to experience it in an entirely different, unique way, this could be the challenge for you.

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GI Jane Bootcamp ~ United Kingdom


We're delighted to host GI Jane Bootcamp participants in their annual Thailand bootcamps. This women-only residential bootcamp in the United Kingdom is changing lives every day in the UK and is credited with transforming hundreds of women's approaches to health & fitness, including British celebrity Kerry Katona who is a loyal fan.

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Amrita Detox


Founded by an international team of naturopaths and nutritionists, Amrita develops 100% natural detox formulas from traditional Thai herbs and plants. Designed to support the body's immune system while clearing out toxins, without any unnecessary or artificial fillers, these pure plant formulas are exclusive to premier detox resorts around the world, including Visit Natural Resort.

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