Triathlon Pack

All guests, whether seeking introduction, basic or advanced training for the world of triathlon will be met by Olympic Professional Simon Agoston.

Triathlons are a fantastic and addictive sport for life!

All our clients are met at the airport for pick up and drop off. Rooms are cleaned daily with a change of fresh water and sheets. All guests receive a welcome tour of the resort with scheduled weekly program. All programs are detailed with times and activities/events. Please try to attend as many as possible - we will respect your free time if not attended but we advise you to stick with the schedule. You will have use of mountain bike and road bikes, please check for sizes prior to arrival or we do recommend bringing your own for setup and comfort.

For Beginners:

We need to have goals to stay motivated day by day. Triathlon is a great choice because without any background you can finish a sprint distance race (750m swim + 20km bike + 5km run) after 28 days preparation. And once you try triathlon training, it is likely you will be hooked up for the sport for life, making it easier to accomplish goals in all areas of your life.

For Advanced athletes:

If you want to improve your performance, finding your optimal weight. learn more about training intensity, healthy diet, specific training and race nutrition and recovery, Visit Natural Resort is the right place for you. Choose one of our packages to transform into a different athlete. Of course staying longer is better, but even 7 days stays can have a profound impact on your training.

For Elite athletes:

As professional athletes we always want to improve and perform better and better. Many Elite athletes focus only on  the training and neglect diet and recovery. With such a competitive field it is important to focus on the small details that will enable you to reach your best possible performance. During your stay Simon will help you to balance your training, social and professional life style, so to understand the importance of healthy diet and recovery. Koh Samui has great old school natural training ''facilities'' such as open water swims, hills, jungle runs and dirt running tracks which makes for a welcoming alternative to gyms and running tracks.

TRIATHLON PACK - All Inclusive Email;

- Amrita Detox 100% organic herbal shakes with virgin coconut water
- Fresh Juices & Recovery Coconuts
- Swimming Running and Biking Techniques
- All Inclusive Meal Package
- Yoga & Fitness Classes daily
- Traditional Thai Body Massage, Oil massage, Feet massage, Head & Shoulders Massage
- Triathlon Techniques & Talks - Swim - Bike - Run
- Pool and Ocean Swims
- Mountain and Road Bike Rides
- Beach, Road and Mountain Runs
- Daily Infrared Sauna & Ice Bath
- Chinese Cupping & Chiropractor
- Natural Supplement Package to avoid stress related prescriptions - (to be discussed)
- Programmed Plans for aftercare.