Our Team


Nok will be the first smile you see at the resort. She will welcome you, check you in and show you around. Any small details, visa's, flights, bookings, trips, massage ; Nok will be at hand to help - a great asset to the front desk and the resort ! She will be your go to girl to through out your stay.


Dloris Chew was born and raised in the island of Borneo, East Malaysia. After moving to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in 2007, she started fitness as a hobby by joining a local gym. Inspired by her passion to help people she decided to pursue a career in the Fitness Industry.

She got certified for several fitness programs including RPM, Body Pump, TRX, Yoga and Pilates. This enabled Dloris to be the head coach at True Fitness Gym, Kuala Lumpur in 2009. She has been on that path ever since.

During her free time, she enjoys CrossFit (her husband owns the local Crossfit gym :-), Hiking, Running and Dancing.


“When you go deeper in your breath and move deeper in your pose, you reconnect your self with your soul. When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others".

Alisa was inspired by her first yoga teacher and instantly fell in love with the yoga’s focus on the breath and natural harmony with smooth movements. She believes that through yoga she has embarked upon a wonderful journey of learning and discovery of her true self. This has allowed her to develop this beautiful harmony in mind, body and spirit.

Her compassionate caring nature shines through the yoga studio, where she shares this experience and passion in her classes. She has a genuine and deep connection with nature and additional experience and certifications with Anti Gravity yoga. She happily shares this yoga style and passion with her students, in order to fulfill her dream of supporting others as they achieve greater peace, strength, awareness and mindfulness.


Ann Thongtod comes from the countryside of Thailand but is now a famous personality on the island, teaching yoga in private villas, 5 star resorts and since 2016 in our cozy retreat.

She's very experienced and has a calm personality, with a voice and smile that will soothen even the busiest of minds.

She will mostly teach a Yin style of Yoga


Growing up as an allround athlete running, cycling and swimming comes natural to Lander. In his early twenties he excelled in the half-marathon distance. As a previous nature guide in Thailand, South Africa and Borneo Lander will take you during the morning cardio sessions deep into the jungle and show you a diffferent side of Koh Samui. Besides running Lander is a gym fanatic, happy to train guests how to perfectly execute repetitions using free weights, bars or gym-machines.


Personal trainer, expert in aqua gym classes, as well as training people with injuries and/or disabilities.


Saifon started to learn martial arts at the time he learned to walk. His father brought him to many competitions during his youth. At the age of 19 the army called him. Here he perfected his skills and learned the ancient art of Muay Boran (= traditional fight). It combines martial art with body awareness, yoga and meditation.

As he was the best of the best in his regiment, he became the personal body guard of a Thai Army General. A privilege that let him train with a secret class of 'The Bodyguards of the King'

Today Saifon teaches students from all over the world the ancient techniques of self-defense and inner strength.