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Visit Natural Detox Revitalize 15 Day Program

Revitalize Your Energy 15 Day Package

All Inclusive Mind & Body Weight Loss Program

Revitalize is an energizing 15 day complete body transformation package that is all inclusive, you will not need to spend another cent whilst here working on your mind, body & soul. The goal of this package is a new invigorating energy level alongside weight loss & a refreshed mind thanks to daily exercise, calming yoga, restorative massage, detox treatments, organic food and replenishing juices.

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Visit Natural Detox Resort Reset 8 Day Package

Full Body Reset 8 Day Package

All Inclusive Mind & Spirit Program

Hit the RESET switch, get away from repetitive everyday life and get ready to be energized like never before! In just one week we'll bring your life back to a stress free place through a combination of relaxing yoga, daily exercise to sweat toxins out, restorative massage and the healthiest food on the planet. Our goal is to bring your body back in balance, as a fit body & a calm centered mind are essential parts of your health - and vital elements in natural detoxification – so book now to invest in your well being! Your energy levels will soar!

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