Visit Natural Resort offers a range of packages…

RESET – Mind & Spirit

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for some long overdue “me” time? Then our RESET package is just the recovery program you’ve been looking for. Hit the reset switch and bring your life back to a stress free place through a combination of relaxing yoga, meditation and restorative massage. We believe a calm centered mind is an essential part of your health - and a vital element in natural detoxification – so book now to take a few well-deserved days of ‘you’ time. You’ll thank us later!

REVITALISE – Mind & Body Weight Loss Program

Do you have a few extra kilo’s you’d like to shed? Then our REVITALISE program is for you. Start the day by joining a group hike or morning jog through lush, tropical jungle, or maybe take a CrossFit or Muay Thai class with expert trainers. After you return, relax with a healthy natural breakfast before joining a class and practicing mindfulness. Join a yoga class or let one of our trained masseur’s work their wonders on you before you escape to the quiet of your room for some long-overdue ‘you’ time.

REBORN – Mind, Body & (Warrior) Spirit

Are you ready to take things up a notch and become a spirit warrior? Time to be REBORN!
The REBORN program PROMISES to deliver results. It’s specially designed to help you shed inches and kilo’s whilst helping you enhance your core strength and build stamina so you’re revitalized and energized when you return to the real world.

REBORN packs a punch by combining heart pumping morning aerobic classes with full body evening circuit classes that burn serious calories whilst building your base fitness. REBORN is fueled by a natural, calorie controlled diet designed to give you the fuel you need to perform in class as well as burn fat in your downtime, you’ll be turning heads in no time.