Detox Packages


Nowadays processed & even non-processed food contains many different toxins, herbicides, chemical flavorings, preservatives, micro-plastic (in salt water fish)... These can be dangerous to our health when they accumulate over a certain period. Colon cleansing encompasses a number of alternative medical therapies claimed to remove nonspecific toxins from the colon and intestinal tract by removing any accumulations of feces. It will leave you feeling refreshed, and you will experience sooner a “full feeling” during a meal.

Before, during and after the process it is recommended to consume lots of water, about 3 liters every day. Please enjoy our complimentary homemade ginger/lemongrass tea and free refills of water in the Wild Tribe restaurant. When you leave Koh Samui and move to a colder climate 2 liters of water daily should be enough.

Following our detox menu, you will probably experience cravings. It’s always good to have some nuts by your side for when this happens. Bananas or any kind of fruit works like a charm against cravings.

If you need to reach certain weight loss goals we don’t recommend fruits or nuts, but trick your body to forget about cravings by brushing your teeth or using mouth wash (eg Listerine) regularly.

After the 7 day program: It’s the start of the new you, with more energy, but don’t plan too much stuff, keep the day right after the program as a chilled recovery day.

We will provide you with all necessary supplements for a speedy recovery of the healthy intestinal bacteria.

For breakfast a whole grain snack or sugar free yoghurt is a good choice, with maybe some berries or other light fruit. NO GREASY FOOD, ALCOHOL, PROCESSED MEATS ... for the next days.


  1. Dizziness (that can be a sign of dehydration)
  2. Mineral imbalance (we can advise certain food and supplements)
  3. Potential interference with medication absorption (on day of procedure)
  4. Depletion of helpful normal bowel flora unless replaced (i.e. probiotics)

These side effects are generally mild and aren’t experienced by everyone.

YAONOI Detox Package
8,990 THB

- 7 days of organic meals and detox shakes
- Daily yoga class
- Supplements
- Overnight flush
- Unlimited ginger/lemongrass tea and water
- One foot detox or ear candling treatment

YAOYAI Detox Package
12,590 THB

- 7 days of organic meals and detox shakes
- Full preparation for colon hydrotherapy cleanse
- EPSOM salts cleanse
- Colon cleanse
- Yoga package
- Supplements

Week Itinerary:

Before Day 1 : the herbal overnight FLUSH 2 hours minimum before bed time.

DAY 1 – 5 : enjoy our organic - nutrient dense - menu; with 3 calorie restricted meals daily, 2 herbal shakes (secret recipe), vinegar shots and correct use of supplements:

  1. Start the day with lime juice + water + coconut vinager + Turmeric
  2. 3x day with meal: Phyllantus

DAY 6 : NO Supplements

  1. 7:30 am : Start the day with lime juice + water + coconut vinager + Turmeric
  2. 8:00 am : Berry Smoothie for breakfast
  3. 12:00 pm : Green Kick Juice for lunch
  4. 4:00 pm : Broth Soup, at least 4 hours before the next step
  5. 8:00 pm : 4 teaspoons of EPSOM SALTS in 0,5 L water
  6. 10:00 pm : Consume lots of water to counter dehydration


Choice of meal with wheatgrass shot

  1. Fruit Salad
  2. Green Kick Juice
  3. Organic Boiled Eggs - Raw Vegetable


Choice of meal with a detox herbal amrita juice

  1. Wild Rolls
  2. Green Gazpacho Soup
  3. Baked Pumpkin & Sage Soup
  4. Citrus Avocado & Spinach Salad
  5. Grilled Salmon & Pickled Pro Biotic Vegetables


Detox Herbal Amrita Juice (with meal if needed)

  1. Broth Soup
  2. Raw Vegetables
  3. Daikon Rolls