The Visit Natural Detox Resort Team

Visit Natural Detox Resort Team Member Nok


Nok will be the first smile you see at the resort. She will welcome you, check you in and show you around. Any small details, visa’s, flights, bookings, trips, massage ; Nok will be at hand to help – a great asset to the front desk and the resort ! She will be your go to girl to through out your stay.
Visit Natural Detox Resort Team Member Dloris Chew


Dloris Chew was born and raised in the island of Borneo, East Malaysia. After moving to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in 2007, she started fitness as a hobby by joining a local gym. Inspired by her passion to help people she decided to pursue a career in the Fitness Industry.

She got certified for several fitness programs including RPM, Body Pump, TRX, Yoga and Pilates. This enabled Dloris to be the head coach at True Fitness Gym, Kuala Lumpur in 2009. She has been on that path ever since.

During her free time, she enjoys CrossFit (her husband owns the local Crossfit gym :-), Hiking, Running and Dancing.

Visit Natural Detox Resort Team Member Yayha


Coming from the peaceful and mountainous North of Thailand, Yayha will teach us a gentle style of Hatha yoga, one that will relax even the most stressed-out souls. She is a certified yoga teacher at Vikasa Yoga and she always tries to transcend her passion for yoga to her students.

Visit Natural Detox Resort Team Member Steve Quinn


As an experienced special forces member Steve has been in the world's most dangerous places: Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq... He has trained special forces units all over the world but nowadays he is using his skills and life lessons to train mere mortals as ourselves the techniques of Krav Maga and self defense.

Visit Natural Detox Resort Team Member Ann Thongtod


Ann Thongtod comes from the countryside of Thailand but is now a famous personality on the island, teaching yoga in private villas, 5 star resorts and since 2016 in our cozy retreat. She’s very experienced and has a calm personality, with a voice and smile that will soothen even the busiest of minds. She will mostly teach a Yin style of Yoga

Visit Natural Detox Resort Team Member Lander


Growing up as an allround athlete running, cycling and swimming comes natural to Lander. In his early twenties he excelled in the half-marathon distance. As a previous nature guide in Thailand, South Africa and Borneo Lander will take you during the morning cardio sessions deep into the jungle and show you a diffferent side of Koh Samui. Besides running Lander is a gym fanatic, happy to train guests how to perfectly execute repetitions using free weights, bars or gym-machines

Visit Natural Detox Resort Team Member Marco Van Doilder


Personal trainer, expert in aqua gym classes, as well as training people with injuries and/or disabilities.

Visit Natural Detox Resort Team Member Anastasia Khmelovets

Anastasia Khmelovets
Certified nutritionist and food alchemist

Certified nutritionist and food alchemist Anastasia Khmelovets created a menu which includes the most nutrient-dense ingredients available.

'There is knowledge behind each item on our menu, we combine culinary inspiration and science to make all our food taste amazing and be nutritious, providing nourishment and energy.

Every item is cooked from scratch; almost all our sauces and dressings are made in our kitchen from the freshest ingredients.

We love food, and we spend a lot of time to create delicious, vibrant meals you’ll crave.

Our juices are made with maximum nutrient-retention, we never dilute. They are truly green, containing zero to little fruit sugar and taste better than any other juice on the market.'

Wild Tribe Cleanse programs incorporate juices, superfood smoothies and raw food, allowing your body to detoxify, while providing all nourishment and nutrition needed for an active daily life.

Here at Visit Natural Detox Resort we are building up a conscious and healthy community.

Visit Natural Detox Resort Team Member Carla Heffernan

Carla Heffernan
Spa & Beauty Center

British qualified therapist Carla Heffernan offers a full treatment list in our spa & beauty center including teeth whitening. waxing. haircuts / colorings, lashes + brow treatments, hot stone massage and much more. She’s also specialized in detox treatments like ‘ionic foot detox’, ‘Indian ear candling’ and ‘Chinese cupping’. Her ‘detoxifying body scrub’ is popular with tourists and locals alike. Carla will take care of those extra feel-good sparkles, before you jump on the plane and head home, feeling reborn and revitalized!