Weight Loss Retreat Thailand

Weight Loss Retreat Thailand

Thailand’s most effective weight loss retreat Lamai Fitness is now providing and up marketing our programme to include Accommodation, Detox, Sauna, Ice Bath, Therapy Rooms, more Training Classes and a Raw & Vegan Food Restaurant all combined into one calling itself Visit Natural Detox Resort. We don’t just help you to lose weight when you’re here we continue to teach you a balanced lifestyle and bring you into our community of friends around the world.
We give you the understanding you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle, get healthy, educate yourself and become more settled in life with goals and fresh outlooks on who you are - the bonus is you get to keep losing weight, create muscle and shape and stay healthy when you get back home - or change home and job thats the reality of all this some people simply need to improve their lives. That’s why we are successful and continue to attract amazing people from around the world !
Individuals come in all shapes and sizes and genetics, thats why we take into account everyone! you will all have a personalized weight loss plan and mentor to guide you through the process and time spent with us, taking into account your current health, set your goals for the future - medicals will help see you track your process and keep your mind at ease.
After a week you will feel fantastic all the bloating, excess water retention will have gone, you will be learning about natural supplements to replace anti depressants or alternative prescriptions, your eyes will become brighter and your whole body will start to lose fat, create muscle and get your athletic posture back - fitness levels will start to increase and you will actually be wanting to rise early to see the Samui sunrises.
If you’re ready to take the leap, see beautiful island and retreat and lose the weight, then we are here in Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand's most prestigious island!
You can call it what you like bootcamp fat camp weight loss retreat spa resort detox camp at the end of the day its down to simplifying your life and balance !
From the moment you arrive, our expert team of professional trainers, nutritionists, chefs and consultants will be here for you. Working closely to offer moral support, track your progress and kick start your balanced weight loss journey. Our wonderful team will measure all of your body compositions when you first arrive and throughout your stay, we will monitor and track your progress. From body mass, metabolism and body fat percentage; to fitness levels, water retention and movement analysis.
We will give you a one-to-one health and fitness evaluation. They’ll also be your go-to person for any support, as you’ll meet with them weekly to discuss your progress. The first week of your weight loss program is to detox the body, this is the most important part of your weight loss package that will enable a continued weight loss.
You will clear the digestive system of years of alcohol toxins, bad food residue, mucus. This will supercharge your digestive system, making your body more effective at absorbing nutrients and processing food getting you a better body shape quicker and losing weight faster.

Yes, with us you’re guaranteed to lose weight, but even more importantly you’ll:

Herbal Detox and cleanse your body, priming it for weight loss with our special herbal formulas
Cook with us in our workshops and eat correctly for maximum fat loss
Enjoy exercise to burn fat and stay healthy and enjoy it
Change your whole outlook on weight loss and lifestyle and what the future holds
Enjoy meeting new friends and beautiful Koh Samui

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You will get the choice of either a raw or vegan food menu - all personalised to your body requirements.

You’ll take high quality detox formulas, usually as a drink. This normally results in rapid early weight loss, as you’ll be removing waste that has been trapped in the body. As there is a scientific link between poor liver function and weight gain, we add in a liver flushing process as part of the detox. This also helps to quickly reduce food cravings, gives you more energy and boosts weight loss - please see our detox section for more information on this

Your fitness classes will start of slowly and as a result you’ll notice your weight loss is very quick. This is because the body prioritises fat loss during the first week or two of detoxification. Fitness bootcamps can be as hard or as easy as you make them, we are here to help you choose what exercise works best, wethers its in our pool with aqua aerobics, beach walks or mountain bike rides we will find what suits you. Every day our classes will change your body shape and lose weight fast !

We have the largest variety of fitness and weight loss classes in Thailand, ranging from strength and conditioning style sessions, to Yoga, Muay Thai, beach workouts , biking swimming and jogging all part of getting out and seeing our great beaches and jungles. The weight loss and health benefits of quality exercise are incredible. What you’ll achieve in terms of body shape and fat reduction is proven with past clients !

Thailand is the perfect place, we choose Koh Samui for its beaches, wonderful flat oceans and mountain treks, call it what you want .. bootcamp fat camp weight loss retreat spa resort detox camp, it works and we get results !