7 Day Yoga & Detox Package


What's Included:

Accommodations are NOT included with this package
  1. 7 days of organic meals and detox shakes
  2. Yoga Sessions
  3. Supplements
  4. Overnight flush
  5. Unlimited ginger/lemongrass tea and water
  6. One foot detox or ear candling treatment


7 Day Yoga & Detox Package Inquiry Form


Sample Detox Menu


Choice of meal with wheatgrass shot
  1. Fruit Salad
  2. Green Kick Juice
  3. Organic Boiled Eggs - Raw Vegetable


Choice of meal with a detox herbal amrita juice
  1. Wild Rolls
  2. Green Gazpacho Soup
  3. Baked Pumpkin & Sage Soup
  4. Citrus Avocado & Spinach Salad


Detox Herbal Amrita Juice (with meal if needed)
  1. Broth Soup
  2. Raw Vegetables
  3. Daikon Rolls