About Visit Natural Detox Resort

Visit Natural Detox Resort prides itself on being the first retreat in Koh Samui to focus on natural, holistic and sustainable transformation. Focusing on life long changes instead of quick fix wins, we believe that the best results don’t come instantly from fast treatments, such as clay shakes and colonic’s, but through a combination of exercise, massage, herbal detox & nutrition with positive vibes around the resort.

Visit Natural Resort promotes a holistic approach to lasting change. We offer 3 personalized programs to suit specific client requirements, including daily cardio, beach and jungle hikes, strength & conditioning training, yoga, daily massage, ice baths, infra-red sauna and healthy meal options provided on site at our signature natural super food cafe and juice bar. A 7 or 14 day optional 100% natural plant based Amrita detox juice program is available to all our guests.

Relaxing and comfortable accommodation is situated next to our swimming pool, including free wifi and located just a few steps away from the famous and idyllic Lamai beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.

If you’re looking for a life changing experience to refocus your mind, find your motivation and empower your body to succeed through life’s challenges, then you’ve come to the right place.

Visit Natural Detox Resort 15 Day Revitalize Package

Revitalize Package

15 Days All Inclusive

The Revitalize Program is our 14 night/15 day complete body transformation package. The goal of this package is weekly improvements and education alongside weight loss and fitness results.

Begins on Sundays

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Visit Natural Detox Resort Koh Samui 8 Day Reset Package

Reset Package

8 Days All Inclusive

The Reset Program is our 7 night/8 day cleanse and introduction package. The goal of this package is to kick start weight loss and fitness combined with healthy eating.

Begins on Sundays

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Feel free to ask more questions: hello@visitnaturaldetoxresort.com