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The Visit Natural Detox Story

The Visit Natural Detox Resort was founded in 2012 as a cosy resort close to the beautiful Lamai Beach. It featured a simple restaurant with Thai food, a beautiful pool, and a small beauty centre.

Over the years it became more and more involved in health and detox, as next door the Muay Thai Gym developed into a world class health & fitness centre. The resort started organising their now famous all-inclusive packages, with no short-cuts to weight loss and full-body health.

Nowadays people from all over the world come to the resort and superfood café, requesting only the healthiest food, clean and comfortable rooms, detox treatments, as well as quality workouts and yoga classes.

Our holistic approach avoids ‘quick win’ diets and colonics, and instead focuses on letting your body do what it does best – cleansing itself naturally with food and exercise.

Our team will help you balance mind, body and spirit by ensuring your body has the healthiest food to fuel it, daily exercise to sweat toxins out, along with enough downtime for you to relax and regenerate at your own pace.

Our location, on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand, definitely adds to the process of de-connecting with the ratrace. The sunny tropical climate does wonders for the mood and the white Lamai beach, just a stones throw away, is perfect for relaxation… or a heavy workout!

We pride ourselves on being a cosy resort offering a personal approach. Everyone has different abilities in their personal fitness and yoga practices – but most importantly, everyone has individual goals.

Our lovely staff will welcome you with their famous Thai smiles – nothing is more contagious than positive happy vibes. We hope to welcome you soon at Visit Natural Detox Resort!

The Visit Natural Detox Approach

During your stay with us, feel the benefits of:

Our unique holistic style avoids ‘quick win’ diets, extreme juice cleanses and colonics, and instead focuses on letting your body do what it does best – cleansing itself naturally. We help you to achieve this through daily exercise, organic vegan or vegetarian food & juices in the Wild Tribe Superfood Café, herbal supplements, and wellness treatments.

Our team will help you to balance mind, body, and spirit, along with enough downtime for you to relax and regenerate at your own pace.

Our location, on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand, adds beautifully to the process of de-connecting from the rat race. The sunny tropical climate does wonders for the mood and the white sands of Lamai beach, just a stone’s throw away, is perfect for relaxation… or a heavy workout!

Sunday is a well-deserved recovery day, but we recommend that you take the time to discover the beautiful island of Samui!

Typical daily schedule

7:00 AM

Cardio session according to your fitness level (MTB, hiking, swimming, hiking, cycling, aqua-gym, Muay Thai boxing, beach HIIT)

9:30 AM

Healthy organic breakfast

10:30 AM

Yoga and Meditation Class (75 minutes)

12:00 PM

Raw, vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian lunch

2:00 PM

Relaxing on the beach, by the pool or enjoying a treatment

4:00 PM

Strength and conditioning class (1 hour)

6:00 PM

Raw, vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian dinner

8:00 PM

Time for spoiling yourself after a day of exercise: your daily massage

The Visit Natural Detox TEAM

Lander Loos

Lander Loos

Growing up as an all-around athlete running, cycling and swimming come naturally to Lander. In his early twenties he excelled in the half-marathon distance and as a previous nature guide, he enjoyed taking international groups deep into the jungles of Thailand, Myanmar, and Borneo. He’s always happy to show guests the unspoiled side of Koh Samui. Besides running, Lander is a gym fanatic, eager to inform guests how to improve their fitness level using barbells, the squat rack, or gym machines.

Caroline Edwards


Caroline is one of the most respected PTs on the island. She’s also the Founder of The Bliss Body Concept. She studied Female Movement, Positive Psychology and Body Empowerment Coaching. She is also a Reiki, Massage, and Lymphatic therapist.



Ann Thongtod comes from the countryside of Thailand but is now a famous personality on the island, teaching yoga in private villas, 5-star resorts, and since 2016 in Visit Natural Detox‘s cozy retreat. She’s very experienced and has a calm personality, with a voice and smile that will soothe even the busiest of minds. She will mostly teach a Yin style of yoga.A


Yoga Instructor

Interestingly, I didn’t go looking for yoga, yoga found me!

As a young and enthusiastic Thai woman from a modest background but, with strong Buddhist principles and a hunger to take on the world, I soon found myself in the corporate side (management) of the hospitality industry and it demanded much from me physically and mentally.

Whilst working for a 5* international hotel many years ago I was asked to take some staff yoga classes as part of the hotel’s growth strategy which I reluctantly accepted (given the amount of work I already had on my plate) and embraced.

About a month into the course I noticed some significant changes in me! In a nutshell (because you don’t want to read about me all day), I discovered that yoga was helping me "restore the balance"! By that I mean, the stress, anxiety and restlessness that I felt in my everyday life began to fade and, with each week that passed, I grew stronger (physically) and calmer (mentally).

By the time I had finished the course, I‘d arrived at the conclusion, I must learn more, and someday, once I’ve gained the respect of my peers, teachers and mentors, I should share this "revolution" or "evolution" with the rest of the world. I have been learning and teaching and learning ever since at Visit Natural Detox Resort and many other places!

Now I’m ready to help you "restore the balance" in your everyday life. See you soon in Lamai!



I have been teaching yoga since 2005. The style of yoga that I teach is Hatha yoga, focusing on the precision and alignment of Iyengar Yoga, and with the softness of Sivananda.

Before yoga, I was a boxer and I loved it, but after years of boxing and other strenuous sports, like running and lifting weights it made my muscles and body too tight and very stiff.

So I took up practicing yoga, and started seeing results that I wanted almost immediately, it softened and corrected my body to such an extent that I now share my knowledge of yoga with everyone in the hope that they can do the same. My classes are suitable for beginners and beyond. I hope you enjoy my weekly classes at Visit Natural Detox Resort

The Wild Tribe Cafe

The Wild Tribe Superfood Cafe

Wild Tribe Superfood Café provides healthy and plant-based nutritional options that are locally sourced and organic when possible. Much of the menu is empowered by superfoods to give an extra boost of energy, a welcome addition to those on an intensive training regime.

Certified nutritionist and food alchemist Anastasia Khmelovets created a menu which includes the most nutrient-dense ingredients available.

There is knowledge behind each item on our menu, we combine culinary inspiration and science to make all our food taste amazing and be nutritious and delicious, providing nourishment and energy.

Every item is cooked from scratch; all our sauces and dressings are made in our kitchen from the freshest ingredients sourced from small organic farms here on Koh Samui.

We love food and we spend a lot of time to creating delicious, vibrant meals you’ll crave.

Our juices are made with maximum nutrient-retention, we never dilute. They are truly green, containing zero to little fruit sugar and taste better than any other juice on the market.’

Wild Tribe Cleanse programs incorporate juices, superfood smoothies and raw food, allowing your body to detoxify, while providing all the nourishment and nutrition needed for an active daily life.

Here at Visit Natural Detox Resort we are building up a conscious and healthy community.