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7 benefits of fasting

By Keiraleane Benefits of Fasting - Fasting has become increasingly popular recently due to some of the amazing health benefits that people are gaining from the practice. However, fasting is nothing new! It dates back centuries, being particularly…

A guide to yoga for beginners

By Keiraleane Yoga is for everyone! If you’re looking to dive into the practice, here’s everything that you need (and don’t need!) to get started. We’ll also be discussing what yoga is and the many benefits of a regular practice.   Yoga…

What Ayurveda says about your diet?

By Keiraleane Ayurveda is ancient wisdom known as “the science of life”, and is an alternative form of medicine that has been practised for over 5000 years. Many of us turn to Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic diet when looking to cure our body…

How to practice pranayama?

By Keiraleane Pranayama is an important part of the practice of yoga that focuses on the breath. Otherwise known as “controlled breathing”, there are lots of different pranayamas that you can choose to practice depending on what you want…

4 restorative yoga poses

By Keiraleane Yoga, famous for its ability to relieve stress, may well be the cure for your insomnia! Here are 4 of the best restorative yoga poses to encourage sleep and how to practice them.   Legs up the wall is a great way…

Tips to Get Yourself Out of Bed

By Larissa Wright Whether your soundscape is a cacophony of birdsong or the hum of a waking metropolis, whether you’re naked in the tropics or wrapped in a blanket against an icy chill. Whether the first rays are peeking through trees onto…

Five Herbal Remedies You Need To Know

By Erin McQuilkin Plants and humans have developed a symbiotic relationship during their millennia on the planet together. Over time, our ancestors studied, cultivated and experimented with local herbs, eventually learning their therapeutic…

Is a Detox Retreat Right for Me?

By Larissa Wright  With the world being such a hectic place, detox retreats are becoming a popular way for busy people to spend their time off. Rather than just taking a few weeks to lounge about on a beautiful beach, many are choosing to…