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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Should I choose Visit Natural Detox Resort?

We focus on building a foundation for lifelong energy and wellness through clean eating, outdoor exercise, yoga, detox treatments, and natural supplements. It’s all about balance and happy vibes!

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and achieving weight loss the natural way, not with quick fix colonics, artificial filler-packed shakes, and a starvation diet. We’re 100% committed to our clients during the retreat as well as after they leave – our coaches and team members are dedicated to helping you get the best results possible from your time with us. We aim to have a lifelong impact.

What's the Best Time to Come Weather-Wise?

Koh Samui weather is really pleasant most of the time, that’s why we are open year-round. The climate in Samui comes in three seasons: dry, hot, and rainy. Thailand lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator (slightly closer to the latter). This makes its climate warm and humid all year round. The humidity level stands between 70 and 85 per cent, and the temperatures averages at around 28°C. Koh Samui offers all that vacationers from cooler countries could dream of regarding weather conditions – the one thing you will rarely feel here is cold. You can enjoy the best weather conditions in Koh Samui between December and September. Even during the so-called rainy season (October and November) you will still enjoy lots of sunshine, while the rain showers come and go and seldom last longer than an hour.

Where is this Natural Detox Resort?

Visit Natural Detox Resort is located on Koh Samui, Thailand, in the village of Lamai – home to one of the best beaches on Koh Samui. A 25-minute taxi ride from the airport brings you to the end of the beach road in Lamai, basically the frontier between the tourist epicentre and local island life. Our location is perfect as it offers the action of Lamai with markets, beach-bars, and nightlife, but at the same time makes a gateway to discover the quiet and unspoiled South of the island.

Should I buy Travel Insurance?

We recommend to buy a travel insurance as it can provide a wide range of benefits from financial recovery for medical expenses that are incurred because of accidents and illnesses to protection against trip cancellation and interruption. Medical treatment can be very cheap in the local clinic but very costly in international hospitals.

What days can I check in?

Programs (like the 8 and 15 day all-inclusive) typically start on Monday morning at 7 am, as such, check-in is on the preceding Sunday from 2 pm. Our classes run from Monday to Saturday, with the possibility on Saturday afternoon to join a meditation class. Sunday is your well-deserved recovery day, as well as an opportunity to discover the island. Guests who have booked the 15-day all-in ‘Revitalise’ package will hop on a wooden boat to the stunning Ang Thong National Marine Park for some kayaking and snorkeling. Please contact us for tailor-made retreats and / or booking additional days if you would like to arrive before your retreat starts or stay for longer.

What if I am on anti-depressant medication?

We believe the use of antidepressants can be avoided through challenging activities like hikes, yoga, healthy food, and natural supplements. Many guests with light to moderate mental health issues experience improvements in both mental and physical health. In any case please consult your doctor before booking. In the village of Lamai there are several pharmacies offering a variety of international and generic drugs, if you need to top-up on anything.

Is this a weight loss resort?

We are a fun-loving resort, different from all other detox retreats. We are not a hardcore bootcamp with shouting PT’s or a boring juice-cleanse retreat. We believe in the healing powers of exercising in nature with like-minded people, enjoying delicious & healthy food, relaxing yoga classes, and simply discovering the natural tropical beauty of Koh Samui, Thailand. For years we have watched people balloon and get angry with fad detox promises that don’t agree with their body balance. It’s about adopting a different lifestyle, not about strict diets or starvation methods.

How many people will be in group fitness classes?

Generally we have anywhere from 2 – 8 people per class. Workouts, S&C and cardio classes are closed for guests outside of the resort. Only the daily yoga classes are open for guests staying off-site.

Do You Provide Equipment?

We provide all equipment for all sessions. For the fitness classes you just need to bring yourself, lightweight clothing, and trainers. It’s also a great idea to bring swimming goggles if you are a keen swimmer.

Do you have a suggest packing list?

Lots of lightweight activewear for the fitness classes, trainers (two pairs better), light flip flops / thongs, and a sarong. A lightweight backpack for carrying water bottles during the hikes and your own refillable water bottle is recommended.

For downtime: light clothing for dining, exploring and relaxing, toiletries, swimwear (for the pool and beach), sunglasses, plasters (just in case!), and whatever you like to read (we also have a full library!).