What Ayurveda says about your diet?


By Keiraleane

Ayurveda is ancient wisdom known as “the science of life”, and is an alternative form of medicine that has been practised for over 5000 years. Many of us turn to Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic diet when looking to cure our body in a holistic way that takes the entirety of our being into account.

The Ayurvedic diet looks at eating, cutting out, or restricting particular foods based on our dosha (otherwise known as our body type). To more meaningfully understand what Ayurveda says about diet, let’s first look at the doshas.


Ayurvedic Diet


There are 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each of us is born with a particular combination of the doshas, where one is usually more prominent than the others. When evaluating what your dosha might be, it’s important to consider the way you have been/what you have looked like for the majority of your life.
Vata dosha



Vata qualities include:

● Dry skin and hair
● Brittle nails
● Feels the cold
● A lean figure, struggles to put on weight
● Energetic
● Free-spirited



Pitta qualities include:

● Medium build, maybe muscular
● Oily skin
● Little body hair
● Always hot
● Determined
● Competitive



Kapha qualities include:

● Larger build
● Soft features, full lips, big eyes
● Soft skin
● Stable temperament
● Compassionate
● Loving

Once you have an understanding of your dosha – something that only an ayurvedic doctor can determine for sure – you can start to alter your diet to balance the more prominent dosha. Have a look at this quiz to see if you can determine your dosha type!

To Balance


You might feel a need to balance Vata dosha if you’re feeling particularly sensitive to the cold or that you would like to start feeling a little more grounded in your mind. For this, you’ll need to eat foods that are opposite to the qualities of Vata dosha.

If Vata dosha is cold and dry, this means an increase of warm, moist foods!

Here are some ideas:

● Chai tea
● Butternut squash soup
● Gnocchi with pesto
● Baked sweet potatoes
● Oatmeal

To Balance


Pitta dosha may need balancing if you’re feeling particularly fiery, irritated, or have an infection/rash. To balance Pitta dosha, you’ll need to eat foods that are sweet, bitter, and cool – the opposite of the fiery qualities of Pitta.

Here are some ideas:

● Fruit salad
● Date and almond shake
● Vegetable omelette
● Tofu, rice, and greens
● Wholegrain pasta with mushrooms and red pepper
● Vegetarian burgers


To Balance


To balance Kapha dosha

You might need to balance Kapha dosha if you’re feeling particularly tired or find that you’re frequently procrastinating. Dry, light, and warming flavours are best for balancing Kapha dosha, you’ll want to avoid eating foods that are high in oil and protein, as well as too salty or too sweet.

Here are some ideas:

● Stewed apples and a fruit smoothie
● Muesli with warm, plant-based milk
● Vegetable soup
● Lemongrass curry
● Sweet potato soup
● Lentil bolognese

Now that you understand a little more about the doshas and what Ayurveda says about your diet – why not give it a try?! Visit our welness resort Thailand.

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