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Natural Cycles: Reconnecting to Nature

By Nguyet Tran With the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence, we find ourselves engrossed with phones, computers, and TVs. We have a lot of options to engage in natural approaches. We can order organic, engage in online meditation…

Parasites and Your Body

By Rae Hadley Hey! Hang on a minute! Don’t go! Before you turn away in disgust and horror at the thought of parasites living in, on, and off us, let’s acknowledge that it is far better to have the knowledge and be prepared than to be ambushed…

TCM – Acupuncture and Cupping

By Gystilyn O’Brien   The overall concept of acupuncture is to ensure that Qi (chi), the natural flow of energy through the body, can move freely. Acupuncture is a method of Eastern medicine that takes a preventative approach…

The Importance of Yin and Yang

By Lyra Joy Almoite UNDERSTANDING BALANCE ON A DEEPER LEVEL AND EMBODYING IT IN LIFE   You have probably seen the Yin-Yang symbol quite a few times in your life, but what does it mean?   Associated with Chinese cultures,…

Four Approaches to a Full Body Reset

By Renee Daly    Simply put, detoxification is a method used to “reset” our bodies. It gives the body a rest from the barrage of toxins that we take in as part of modern life, from processed and fatty foods, sugary drinks,…

Meditation Matters 

By Nancymarie B. The world is a noisy place, full of distractions, opinions, and standards. Everyday we are fighting off the negativity that is fueled from different sources and that can take a serious toll on our overall well-being. You are…

Discovering Oneself Through Conscious Dance

By Robin Silver A wonderful and natural approach to cultivate balance within oneself is through the movement of dance. Let's establish that humans are, in fact, animals. Play is a natural part of the animal experience, from dogs, to elephants,…

The Powerful Effects of a Ketogenic Diet 

By Larisa Segida  Are you tired of all diets? Are you fed up with boring lectures, palate books, and wordy online posts on how you are supposed to look and what you should eat? No doubt that you just want to be happy with your comfort food…

How to Revitalise Your Energy in 30 Days

By Lissette Maduro “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” This Norman Cousin quote caught my attention because, as a consummate professional, there was a nagging element of truth…

Weight Management through Detox Tea

by Nancymarie Is your Instagram flooded with people who have dramatically transformed their health and bodies? Have you been working for a similar body, energy, and glow to no avail? Have you pondered whether it is your age or your metabolism,…

Natural Detox with Yoga

By Nguyet Tran The idea of a detoxifying is usually associated with the physical being—removing harmful substances such as alcohol, sugar, caffeine, tobacco, from the body. There is little evidence that detox diets remove toxins, however…

Using Chinese Medicine for Peak Health and Happiness

By Wendy Stein, MS, LAc “To cure disease is like waiting until one is thirsty before digging a well...’” - Li Shizhen   It’s not hard to argue that preventing illness is easier than treating it. Classical Chinese Medicine is…