Detox Naturally in Tropical Thailand


By Gystilyn O’Brien

Being an adult in this world is crazy demanding and it’s incredibly easy to take in and on more than you realize. We all know our base responsibilities include paying the bills, putting dinner on the table, taking care of rent, and supporting the family. We get that those responsibilities can be stressful. Yet, life is often more complicated than just bills.

We have responsibilities to our friends, our co-workers. We have a responsibility to nature – to compost and recycle, to the population – to read the news and vote and stay up on current affairs. And we have a responsibility to ourselves, to keep fit and eat right, perform self-care with a balanced approach, and appreciate life.

In short, being an adult is a lot… all the time, and where a few of those responsibilities and stresses would be manageable, the load of them can put our systems on overload. Face it, friend, you need a reset.


Detox Naturally


There are a lot of places to holiday. Different types of holidays invite different forms of release and decompression. A cold weather holiday – like visiting somewhere with snow – is sharp and refreshing and a good way to clear the mind. A different perspective can shift things on your insides and help promote goals you never dreamt were attainable. For all that, not so much in the realm of detoxing.

Hot weather? Now, there’s something! Visiting the tropics is an exercise in sweat, and it’s through sweat that we begin to detox and reset from overly busy and stressful lives. Heat increases sweat production, a natural body cooling response, which increases the metabolism, and begins feasting on extraneous body holdings such as fat cells. Fat cells hold stress and toxins like nothing else. Even an organic eater will accumulate fat cells, not per-se from the quality of food, but from the body’s natural responses to protect itself against stress.

See, when we stress, our bodies go into a type of shock. Our systems believe we are under attack because we are producing hormones that evolutionarily would have represented something dangerous happening – that’s cortisol. Our biological response is to protect itself, that means syphoning away nutrients (fat), in the event that the issue escalates into something that will require extra energy – ya know, for running from a bear, or some such. Except there is no bear – just a boss yelling in your face. The fat storage isn’t being used, and is polluted with cortisol, and whatever other toxins happen to be present, which isn’t doing your body any favors at all.

One of the problems with our environment at present is that most of our food, water, and air carries in it particulates that are not particularly good for humans. Be it exhaust fumes from cars, fluoride in the water, or pesticides on our food. There is a lot for a body to battle in the toxin department and frankly, even a vigilant eye can’t cover them all. All that stuff hangs out in fat.

One of the major benefits of hot climate is sweat because it forces your body to work through that fat to the toxins buried within, and herein lies the natural detox. Have you ever wondered why you feel so good after a workout? It’s not just the adrenaline, it’s the sweat burning through the toxins – like a very small maintenance detox. Visiting a place of high temperature, where you sweat constantly, that’s a forced detox – not just a small maintenance, but a profound, constant, full body approach.

Often people hit the tropics ready to nap and rest because it’s a holiday. Once they are there, the physical need to nap becomes real because their bodies are going through a natural detox by being exposed to heat. If you aren’t prepared for it the heat can hit you like a sack of bricks. A lot of folks get sick on holiday – that’s because the stress and toxins are trying to bleed out of the system through sweat.


Detox Naturally


Toxins do a lot of damage – not just for the stress we carry, but for the toxin particles as well. Toxins can affect the organs, which in turn can affect the skin. An overladen gut will affect the entire body, particularly in terms of processing.

Detox is not just a process of sweating and drinking lots of water, it’s a process of mindfulness. It’s walking into the tropics with the intent of coming out feeling better. It’s saying, “not only am I going to engage in ‘beach time’, but I’m going outdoors, to immerse in nature. I’m going to eat fresh fruit pulled right from the tree in front of me, swim in the ocean and soak up the sun. I’m going to engage in the peaceful life of an island and let all my unnecessary cares melt away.” That’s detox. That’s letting go of stress.

Detox With Us


Almost every island in the world has a flow, a sense of balance and wellness. It probably has something to do with the sea: being surrounded by ever-moving and changing waters keeps the waters inside the body moving too. Koh Samui’s tropical climate provides all the right elements for a balanced detox. Water on all sides, groves upon groves of palms – never underestimate the power of a good tree, they provide oxygen, after all. A ton of temples and wats to contemplate. At the Natural Detox Center, there are yoga classes, an organic restaurant, and staff practitioners available to teach you the best practices available for stress management, fasting, and overall balanced self care for when you return home. A holistic approach to detox does not just include coming to the tropics to sweat out stress, it’s also learning skills and practices to take home with you, so that you can mindfully keep yourself from taking on more responsibilities and toxins. Visit Natural Detox today and let us show you how to approach detox and overall well-being in a productive and intentional way.

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