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Four Approaches to a Full Body Reset

Full Body Reset Detox Drink
Simply put, detoxification is a method used to “reset” our bodies. It gives the body a rest from the barrage of toxins that we take in as part of modern life, from processed and fatty foods, sugary drinks, alcohol, and caffeine, to unexpected sources like household cleaning agents, personal care products, chemical medications, and air pollution.

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By Renee Daly 


Simply put, detoxification is a method used to “reset” our bodies. It gives the body a rest from the barrage of toxins that we take in as part of modern life, from processed and fatty foods, sugary drinks, alcohol, and caffeine, to unexpected sources like household cleaning agents, personal care products, chemical medications, and air pollution.

All of these place extra load on the body, particularly on the liver, colon, and kidneys. Toxins interfere with normal digestion and elimination functions. The body does naturally detox itself; however, it can’t always keep up with the sheer volume of what we are ingesting in our post-industrial age and busy lifestyles that focus on convenience and instant gratification.

Detoxification supports and stimulates your body to remove the toxins—despite the build-up—and expel them from your body. When there are too many impurities for your liver to handle, they accumulate and store themselves in the fat cells of the body. This means they are not being excreted and we end up re-absorbing that which was poisonous for us from the start. And so the cycle continues. A balanced approach to health needs to be taken into consideration.

Our bodies are giving us clues all the time: unexplained fatigue, digestive issues, bloating and general sluggishness, dark circles under the eyes, skin problems and diminished ability to concentrate and function at our full mental capacity are just some examples. We have become so accustomed to feeling like this that we often don’t realise it can be any other way.

Below we outline four simple approaches to detoxify your body and mind, helping you to reset your system and get back your mojo! Give it a try, the pros far outweigh any cons.



As with anything of importance that you set out to do, be prepared. Make a plan, choose appropriate timing, and create a conducive environment for your natural detox process. Engage the support of your family, friends, and colleagues, so that they are not tempted to distract or deter you from your goal. We sometimes struggle to allow time and space for ourselves in this capacity, partly due to our commitment filled lives, where we are used to putting others before our own needs—in this case, health and wellbeing. A balanced natural approach needs to include your time.

Set parameters for yourself, and don’t feel guilty about practising self-care, it’s not selfish; it’s a necessity. Prioritise your health and vitality. Cherish, respect and value this time, your support networks, and the natural detox process.


Water is key for our day-to-day health, but particularly so from a natural detox perspective. Adequate water is needed to flush the kidneys of toxins. It also flushes out the impurities lurking in our bloodstream and even our skin. As a general rule of thumb, women need an average of 2.7 litres per day, and men need 3.7 litres per day. Furthermore, depending on the climate, and level of physical work and exercise you engage in, you may need more. Be aware though, that it’s also possible to have too much of a good thing in this regard. Too much water dilutes the electrolytes and, in extreme cases, can do more harm than good.

If you struggle with drinking plain water, it’s possible to infuse your water with fruit and vegetable combinations to add flavour as well as increase the detoxifying effects on your digestive system and organs. With the exception of lemon and lime which are known for their detoxification qualities, limit the fruit due to the extra sugars.

Water provides basic hydration and nourishment for every aspect of our body. A “dry” body can lead to constipation, for example, as the colon and excretion organs are not receiving what they need to fully function. Remember, elimination in all its forms is the goal of natural detox.



As we have already covered, helping the liver to replenish itself and remove excess waste material is a large part of detoxification. Caffeine actually needs to be filtered by the liver too, so continuing to drink coffee during the detoxification process would be “toxing” as quickly as you are detoxing. Removing coffee, or more to the point, becoming caffeine-free at this time will give the liver an optimal chance at cleaning, clearing, and returning to full functioning capacity. Additionally, coffee and caffeine act as diuretics, so all that hard won hydration from your water intake would be adversely affected, too.

Try to work up to eliminating coffee for a few days, before you even start your main detox. This will give you a chance to wean off of it, its effects, and any potential withdrawal symptoms you may experience. You can ease things down with caffeine-free coffee, though you’d eventually want move onto caffeine-free tea as well.

Caffeine is a stimulant, I mean, that’s why we drink it, right? During this time, over-stimulation of the mind and body is not what we are trying to achieve—in fact, it’s the opposite.


To really get the best results, you need to be gentle with yourself. Over-stimulation of any kind is not beneficial to this process. Try to get out in nature as much as possible. Nature is very calming in all aspects, right down to our cells and physiology.

A medium-paced walk can be enough to feel the positive effects. Take the time to look around and immerse yourself in the natural sights, sounds, and smells—these are the things that we don’t get enough time for in our hectic schedules. Reconnect with nature, and subsequently, yourself. Observe yourself and you will notice that your breathing slows, your mind stops racing so much, your shoulders relax, etc.

Yoga and meditation also help to de-stress, working with the nervous system, as well as being very cleansing for the lymphatic and digestive systems, too. If yoga is something you already do, step it up a notch and really surrender to your practice.

Think a little outside the box if meditation, in the classic sense, doesn’t appeal to you. You can do moving meditations (tai chi), dance, and sway to gentle music, and allow your creativity to flow. There are many options of course, not just limited to those suggested here.


We have covered the main components that you will be limiting or avoiding, now let’s talk about what you really want to boost. The healing power of nature, of course, flows through to our foods, as well. Natural (organic if possible) immunity boosting, nutrient-dense greens are one of the most important factors to your detoxification.

Lush, leafy greens help to clean by way of reducing acidity and providing an alkaline environment within your gut and digestive tract and organs, which in turn promotes a disease-free body. Greens also help to purify the blood and deodorise the body naturally. They are actively helping to replenish and re-nourish you. The power of green is truly amazing and completely natural!

There are so many options. Try green salads, soups, side dishes, smoothies and juices. It doesn’t take long to become accustomed to the taste, and your energy levels will be through the roof, rendering any objections you may have initially no longer a concern.

Congratulations. You have taken the first step to understanding your health and needs from a different perspective. A little education and myth-busting when it comes to detoxification goes a long way. Visit Natural Detox Center. We provide natural detox packages, complete with purified water, flavoured water, herbal teas, all caffeine-free. We also provide yoga, daily massage, downtime, natural foods, organic (where possible on Samui) foods, lots and lots of greens (power of green!), combination of raw and some warming, easy to digest foods, exercise in nature, outdoor gym, beach workouts, cycling and hiking on the island. We’re here and ready to help get your body the whole reset that it needs.


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